A History of Indian Literature. Vol. V. Fasc.3 Indian by Edwin Gerow; Jan Gonda (Editor

By Edwin Gerow; Jan Gonda (Editor

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Introduction, pp. c-cxvi. 138 Supra, note 7. 252 E. Gerow • Indian Poetics art form, and was brought more and more into conformity with the rather academic style of the non-sophisticate pundit, its distinctive principle was being used as the basis for explaining the growing rapprochement of genres. 'Popular' forms of the drama survive shorn of their literary dimension: the various classical dance-forms that exploit the abhinaya of the drama. 139 On the side of strophic poetry, changes too were taking place, reflecting the new contexts in which poetry was used.

Rudrata, by emphasizing the guna ojas, is thus able to integrate the riti theory in the wider alamkdra theory; in this he will be followed by most writers, notably Mammata, who goes even further in denying a distinctive "place" to riti in his system. 93 In this context the effort of some later writers on rasa—Dhanika, Saradatanaya—to resurrect the distinction between kdvya and ndtya on the ground of the "unplayability" of the new (ninth) rasa, s'anta, is most interesting (Bhavaprakasa, p. 26, GOS vol.

Chomsky seems to agree, but is "NP-VP" an assertion? 106 107 CAUL SANDBURG. , p. 58-9 and Glossary for examples. , II, p. 56. 109 Sun's rays meet / sons raise meat. 110 Don't labour under a misconception; support abortion reform. Dandin may have intended only the former type as a sabddlamkdra. Rudrata 243 that there is a further dimension to pun that situates it among the true arthdlamkdras, and indeed (as James Joyce has led us to rediscover) is close to the very form of literature itself: the division of Mesa on morphological grounds assumes that the two meanings resultant are unrelated—that the "charm" of pun is entirely a function of the clever manipulation of grammar, and the unexpected bonus of a second meaning at the very time a first is perceived.

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