A History of Greece, Volume 08 of 12, originally published by George Grote

By George Grote

Commonly stated because the such a lot authoritative learn of historical Greece, George Grote's twelve-volume paintings, started in 1846, tested the form of Greek heritage which nonetheless prevails in textbooks and well known debts of the traditional international at the present time. Grote employs direct and transparent language to take the reader from the earliest occasions of mythical Greece to the demise of Alexander and his iteration, drawing upon epic poetry and legend, and studying the expansion and decline of the Athenian democracy. The paintings offers motives of Greek political constitutions and philosophy, and interwoven all through are the $64000 yet outlying adventures of the Sicilian and Italian Greeks. quantity eight takes the tale from the overthrow of the 400 in Athens to the loss of life of Alkibiades in 404 BCE, and likewise comprises chapters on drama and rhetoric, and at the philosophy of the Sophists and of Socrates.

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That democracy had been the product of a forcible revolution, effected about ten months before, by the aid of three Athenian triremes. It had since preserved Samos from revolting, like Chios : it was now the means of preserving the democracy at Athens itself. The partisans of Peisander, finding it an invincible obstacle to their views, contrived to gain over a 1 Thucyd. viii. 63. AvrOvs &e eVi a>v CLVTUV, its 781; Kai vcvopras, opau ora rpoira fif) ave8r)iieTai TO. Trpdy/iara, Kat TO. rov irdkepov a/xa avTcxtw, Kai itrfyipeiv avrois irpoBv/xais xPWaTa K a ' V" n XX Se7y, cos ovKtTt aXXots rj cr

24 HISTORY OF GREECE. [PART II. saphernes. But the co-operation and aggressive Athensformovement of the clubs which he had originated, An«ph7n w a s prosecuted with increased ardour during his takes the absence, and even fell into hands more organising manage- ' » mentofthe and effective than his own. The rhetorical teacher conspiracy Antiphon, of the derne Rhamnus, took it in hand f especially, acquired the confidence of the clubs, and drew the plan of campaign against the democracy. He was a man estimable in private life and not open to pecuniary corruption : in other respects, of pre-eminent ability, in contrivance, judgment, speech, and action.

Livy, ix. ) Compare Dio. Cass. xxxvii. 57, about the crmpiKa of the Triumvirs at Rome. Quintus Cicero (de Petition. Consulat. c. 5) says to his brother the orator—" Quod si satis grati homines essent, hasc omnia (i. e. all the subsidia necessary for success in his coming election) tibi parata esse debebant, sicut parata esse confido. Nam hoc biennio quatuor sodalitates civium ad ambitionem gratiosissimorum tibi obligasti.... " See Th. Mommsen, De Collegiis et Sodaliciis Romanorum, Kiel 1843.

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