A History of Greece, Volume 05 of 12, originally published by George Grote

By George Grote

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As this ship-canal across the isthmus of Athos has been treated often as a fable both by ancients (Juvenal, Sat. ) and by moderns (Cousinery, Voyage en Macedoine), I transcribe the observations of Colonel Leake. That excellent observer points out evident traces of its past existence : but in my judgement, even if no such traces now remained, the testimony of Herodotus and Thucydides (iv. 109) would alone be sufficient to prove that it had existed really. The observations of Colonel Leake illustrate 30 HISTORY OF GREECE.

18 [PART II. any subsequent period; for it comprised maritime Thrace and Macedonia as far as the borders of Thessaly, and nearly all the islands of the iEgean north of Krete and east of Euboea—including even the Cyclades. There existed Persian forts and garrisons at Doriskus, Eion, and other places on the coast of Thrace, while AbdeTa with the other Grecian settlements on that coast were numbered among the tributaries of Susa1. It is necessary to bear in mind these boundaries of the empire, at the time when Xerxes mounted the throne, as compared with its reduced limits at the later time of the Peloponnesian war—partly that we may understand the apparent chances of success to his expedition, as they presented themselves both to the Persians and to the medising Greeks—partly that we may appreciate the after-circumstances connected with the formation of the Athenian maritime empire.

16) of iavra in place of emvros, is not at all called for. The masculine gender Sveipos is commonly used in Homer; but there are cases of the neuter Sveipov. Respecting the influence of dreams in determining the enterprises of the early Turkish sultans, see Von Hammer, Geschichte des Osmanischen Reichs, book ii. vol. i. p. 49. - Compare the dream of Darius Codomannus. Plutarch, Alexander, c. 18. Concerning the punishment inflicted by Astyag&s on the Magians for misinterpreting his dreams, see Herodot.

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