Kickstarter Campaign: Mies i100 Integrated for Vinyl Lovers

“Designed by record lovers, for record lovers.” So says the designer of the Mies i100 at the end of the Kickstarter promo video. This $399 integrated was specifically designed with spinning black discs in mind.

Mies is the in-house manufacturing company from the Toronto based audio shop, Planet of Sound. The i100 is a new edition to the Mies equipment line, which already consists of a pair of bookshelf speakers, tube amps, and in-ears headphones. According to Planet of Sound, “a tiny amplifier with a great phono stage is our biggest request.” And thus the Mies i100. The Kickstarter campaign has just reached its goal, but this doesn’t mean you can’t head over and pre-order for the current list price of $399.

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