Kapow! Belles Solist 1

David Belles is a high-end electronics designer worthy of legendary status, but hasn’t really been given his due IMHO. He’s an old timer of uncanny ability, non-nonsense design philosophy, and doesn’t worship at the altar of those Price Princesses that seem to doll-up their less-than-worthy offerings in order to attach high-flying price tags and get the chattering class chattering. David’s designs rather seem to be extreme values by comparison to all that centerfold fodder that seem to get all the photographic attention these days.

Mikkel Gige discovers one of the industry’s best kept secrets – the David Belles Soloist-1 integrated amplifier – and shares the delights of this little beauty in his review in Denmark’s HiFi4All webzine.

(translation by Google Translate)


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