Getting To The Heart Of Pono

As of today, Neil Young’s Pono Kickstarter project has received just shy of three million dollars with over 9,000 backers. That is 9,000 people supporting a dream for better sound.

The high resolution digital music player is nothing new to the audiophile set. And for some reason, the audiophile community seems to be wary of Pono. But card-punching “audiophiles” don’t matter. What Pono represents is much larger in scale than perhaps the audiophile community cares to engage in. Pono is about helping a generation of music lovers who have grown up with severely lackluster sound. It is about helping spread the gospel of quality. It is about preserving the art that we love at the ground level, not just the top tier.

Over at Enjoy The Music, Steve Rochlin pens an amazing article concerning Pono. Rochlin begins by asking: “How many high-end audio manufacturers have appeared on the CNBC financial channel?” And then: “How many high-end audio companies decided to showcase their products at the incredibly popular SXSW 2014 to reach mainstream consumers?”. He pretty much nails it.

Rochlin goes on to explain his frustration with the negative attitude of the audiophile industry: “First, Pono is not just about you. It is not about me either. Pono is not directly seeking audiophile approval as we are already sold on the idea. Though as an extension, am sure many true music lovers will be buying albums from PonoMusic when it goes live online. So who is Pono marketing to? Pono is for everyone! All the recent bad-mouthing and speculation by other magazine writers is generally just that, speculation based on their own personal experiences in their life and knowledge of the high-end audio marketplace. With such a skewed and narrow vision of the world it is no wonder they do not fully ‘get it’.”

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