Extreme Analog From Tom Vu

Dagogo’s Greg Petan waxes eloquent about Tom Vu’s California-made turntable from his brand, Triangle Audio Art. Tom is best known for his distributor/dealer business, KT Audio Imports, and so this venture into manufacturing has Mr. Petan softly wondering about things like reliability, customer service, build quality and sound all in one swift sentence. But he has merely (and deftly) set us up for the payoff:

Yes, $12,000 is a great deal to pay for a turntable, but it hardly cracks the top end of what turntables can cost. With that in mind, I can say that the Triangle Art Signature far exceeded my expectations on all levels. Packing? First rate. Assembly? Could not be easier. Build quality? Off the charts. Sonics? One of the finest front ends I have ever heard. And you get a Walker Precision Motor Controller. Very nice.

Where does that leave him at the end of his musical journey?


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