Extreme Analog: AirTight PC1s

Legend tells of a legendary cartridge designer whose analog skills were the stuff of legend …

For those flying in the rarefied air of Extreme Analog, the cartridges of Miura-san have delivered on this hobby-habit of myth-making, and his AirTight PC-1 – introduced several years ago – placed him atop Mount Olympus among a pantheon of this industry’s true and few Analog Greats. Other models were introduced based on the success of the PC-1 as an absolute reference, including a “Supreme” version which had many-a-tongue wagging and many awards, to boot.

Now, Miura introduces the PC1s as an update to the original PC1, and incorporating some advances that bring this $8,500.00 wonder-cart a little closer to its “Supreme” brother, and the tongues are wagging once again.

Marshall Nack of Positive Feedback Online examines this beauty in detail:


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