At OccupyHifi: Ether Re-Defines The Planar Headphone Experience


Have you seen Michael Mercers’ new blog:


Well – Occupy Hifi began here at THFR! Mercer held it down through that column while it lived in our space, but the time came for him to leave Hps nest! The THFR team: Chris Sommovigo & Joseph Weiss, still work with Mercer – and will continue to do so. Hell – all three of them still hold the keys here!

Recently, Mercer had a revolutionary idea regarding monetization at He’s going to have the readers vote for who gets to support the blog financially! Bold move – and we all support it.

Check that article out, entitled Had Enough of CRAZY? Monetizing with YOU

and his latest, just published today – about the ever-buzz-crazy MrSpeakers Ether planar-magnetic headphones! That one’s called Ether Re-Defines the Planar Magnetic Headphone Experience












So keep checkin’ in with OccupyHiFi! We’ve been all over it!

Michael Mercer is a veteran reviewer of music and audio components. He got his start working for The Absolute Sound as a teenager and then made his way over to Atlantic Records, working with the legendary producer Arif Mardin. Considered one of the leading "crusaders for personal audio", Mercer can be found writing for many audio publications on the Internet.

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