Computer Audiophile Announces Digital Music Reviews!

The leading, and in our opinion, the most informative and fun website to get your digital audio fix is Computer Audiophile.  Boasting themselves as the “original and preeminent source for computer audio and music server information and reviews”, Computer Audiophile not only provides in-depth gear coverage, but has an incredibly dynamic forum where you can educate yourself in the world of digital audio.

As of today, CA will be providing music reviews. According to CA, reviews will not be limited to High Resolution audio, but “the greatest need right now is for more information about high resolution downloads.” Amen to that. When buying High Resolution audio, the buyer has mostly been left in the dark when it comes to details (early on, HDTracks was notoriously silent about its process).

CA explains: “Audiophiles care about much more than bit depth and sample rate of their favorite albums. Important details such as mastering engineer, recording engineer, and the provenance of each download can be difficult to find.” And covering music, and exciting music at that, is something we at THFR believe is a downright necessity in the audiophile realm.

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