(The KBO)
Congrats to everyone that rolled with me today as we nailed two more winners in the KBO:

Dinos/Lions over 8.5 WIN
Bears -160 WINKBO results

With five more games tomorrow, we've got two more picks in the following games going off at 5:30 a.m. EDT Tomorrow Friday 5/8:
tom games
Tigers vs. Lions (will air on ESPN2)

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Kenny White here,


Americans are being introduced to a new brand of baseball — where bat flips are the norm, the crowd is usually more raucous and sometimes the pitcher bows to the hitter after a beanball.

The KBO, Korea’s Professional Baseball League has come to ESPN2 making it one of the few live sports options for American’s.

We can now watch baseball six days a week on ESPN2, but you’ll have to wake up early or stay up late in most cases.

Korean baseball’s place in America prior to this was more highlight-driven. We’d consume the bat flips and the cool moments on YouTube or social media.


It’s become another weapon in our arsenal to attack the offshore books with!

Just like in the KBO… if you are a younger pitcher and you happen to hit a veteran guy, if you do not take off your hat and bow, benches will empty.

We'll gladly be taking off our hats and bowing to 5Dimes, Mybookie, Bovada, and any other book that want’s to take our action after we pummel them.

Since opening day, three days ago, we’ve rocked the books to the tune of
5 wins -1 loss and we're looking for another clean sweep tomorrow morning! Click here for access

And just in case you missed my opening day email, here’s my “Team” KBO Power Rankings as we headed into week 1:

1. LG Twins
2. Doosan Bears
3. Kiwoom Heroes
4. SK Wyverns
5. NC Dinos
6. KT Wiz 
7. Samsung Lions
8. Lotte Gians
9. Kia Tigers
10. Hanwha Eagles 

Although we’re having to watch and bet on our American past time with Korean baseball…

The money we make will still have American presidents printed on the front!

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Your right hand man,

Kenny White 

P.S. A few KBO rules you should know…

Ties or OK:
- Regular season games are now declared a tie after the 12th inning during the regular season and after the 15th in the postseason. Yes Playoff games can end in a tie.

Universal DH:
- Pitchers don’t hit unless their teams want them to. We’ll get to see nine HITTERS come to bat in every lineup.

Bat flips:
- Flip a bat in the MLB and you can expect a fastball in the hip your next at bat. In the KBO players show emotion with elaborate bat flips meant to be savored.

The post season:
- The regular season winner (best record) goes straight to the Korean Series Championship while four other teams battle it out in the playoffs to get there.

This ought to be interesting, but more importantly HIGHLY profitable!

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