Bryston’s BDA-2 USB DAC

Canadian darling and legendary electronics house Bryston is one of those companies that tends to live up to its mythos, being designed well and built like a tank – and intended to last a lifetime. When it comes ot digital gear, then, it’s at least a little ironic because of how quickly digital has been growing out of its knickers. Every year, it seems, we have higher performance for less money. That’s the “race to the bottom” embedded in the promise of digital, at least in theory – it will eventually be at the limit of theoretically-possible performance, and … free? Maybe close to free.

Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped companies from dancing along the bleeding edge of technology and performance, and presenting digital decoding solutions that can cost as much as a Porsche Cayman S. Thankfully, Bryston is far more “everyman” in tis regard, though the quality of their gear means that it won’t be plunging below the $1k econocline … so while it’s hard to call a $2,300′ish DAC a “bargain” it’s certainly not an offensive price.

How does it stack up? Marc Philip of Magazine Audio explores this question in depth:



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