Are You Experienced?

Saša Čokić is no ordinary electronics designer and Trafomatic is no ordinary audiophile company. Trafomatic designs often travel in front of my eyes via Facebook, where I’m a fan of their page, and I sometimes have to catch myself just drooling at the artisanship and industrial design. And though I’ve never had the chance to listen to any of these beauties for myself, Saša keeps ringing up the accolades from around the world and I remain sorely tempted by each ensuing review that I get to read, each new audio-porn picture that I get to see.

Trafomatic’s Head-One is both a headphone amplifier and also a preamplifier, depending on how you switch the output, increasing its utility – and making it THAT MUCH MORE TEMPTING, especially considering the 9,000 NOK price (about $1,600 USD). Screaming deal? I suspect it must be, given the build quality and reputed performance of Saša’s catalogue.

(translation from the original Norwegian by Google Translate)

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