An Affordable Trifecta

WL Low shares his thoughts about the Audiolab 8200CD as he puts it through its paces in several modes: as a disc player, a transport, and as a DAC … yes, it can be used as a DAC with SPDIF and USB inputs, and it also has a digital output section in case you wanted to use the disc player as a transport only and connect another DAC to it.

Audiolab as a company has a strange and storied history, founded as it was in 1983, then later in the 1990′s being bought and renamed by TAG McLaren in order to be brought upmarket and fancy-pants, only to shut its doors in 2003. IAG formally reintroduced the brand in 2005, and with that kind of moxie behind the company it has regained its place in the pantheon of affordable, high-performance electronics.

In the case of the 8200CD, it seems that we’ve got another giant slayer of a digital Swiss Army Knife.


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