American Muscle

Thiel is one of those grand-ol’ American loudspeaker companies, a combination of innovator and rock-strong tradition, a Hi Fi company that quietly-yet-proudly flies the flag of stout Exceptionalism and proves, as one of countless case-studies, that in an ostensibly free-market it is the great ideas that matter most … and that winners and losers are determined by the kind of merit that can only be earned. Jim Thiel’s in-house driver development pushed the company’s fortunes even higher, increasing their price-to-performance appeal even further than it had already been.

The CS 2.7 is apparently a more affordable distillation of the sensational 3.7, introduced around 2007, and so expectations will understandably be quite high for this model. In this review penned in Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, Piero Gabucci pulls no punches …

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