5 Artists To Cure Your Audiophilitis : “Young and Quirky” Week


1: alt-J: An Awesome Wave

These young Brits bring art school cleverness to their debut, with jagged guitar parts, a-capella vocal breakouts, and unpredictable turns. Available as an HDTracks download.




2: Everything Everything: Arc

The band’s second album Intelligently draws on classic Talking Heads, Radiohead, and just about anything else, but with a distinctly original focus.  A breath of fresh air. If your toe ain’t tappin’ check your pulse.



3: Polica: Shulamith

Simply hypnotic, dark, avant grade dance tunes that remind one of a Blondie and Pink Floyd mash up. Their debut, Give Up The Ghost, is equally as stunning. A superb live act as well.




4: Cage The Elephant: Monophobia

Cage The Elephant are a distinctly, modern, pissed off version of the classic garage band. Their third album streamlines things a bit but the melodies and singleness of vision are impeccable.  There is just enough weirdness and left turns to charm.



5: Paper Kites: States

These Australians paint mellow, sunset pictures within a hazy, folk framework. This is music to end the day with. Simply beautiful.

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