DJ Dog Dick “Life Stains”

DJ Dog Dick fulfills every punk-hearted kid’s awesome, fucked-up wet-nightmare in Life Stains by mixing together all the musics I assume he grew up with: The distinctive Baltimore Club Hip Hop scene arrives hand in hand with a melodic shoe-gazing post-punk and…


The Triangle ART Osiris Tonearm

I don’t really envy those shopping for tonearms. The variety, the differing approaches, and the issues of system compatibility complicate things in a way that only high-end audio can. It can be a confusing mess for anyone in the market for a…


The Great Digital Swindle

The recent announcement of Neil Young’s PONO high resolution digital music downloading service and Digital Audio Player (DAP) has become the subject in the industry rags, alternate blogs, Facebook threads, and whatnot. While reading, I noticed that there was nary a mention of…